World urges Israel to end Gaza attacks

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Protesters around the globe have continued their rallies against the Israeli bombardment of Gaza which has so far killed 783 Palestinians.


Thousands of Algerians, wearing Palestinian headscarves and chanting “USA Terrorists” marched downtown streets of Algiers on Thursday in a show of support for Gazans and an attempt to denounce Israeli onslaught on the Gaza Strip. Police made several arrests.


After the Friday prayers, more than 50,000 Egyptians rallied across the country to condemn atrocities committed by Israel against civilians in besieged Gaza.

In the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria, participants expressed their anger at the Zionist entity and at Arab regimes believed to have assisted the crippling Israeli blockade on the enclave that has barred the residents from getting out and humanitarian aid from getting in. The demonstration had been organized and led by lawmakers linked to the opposition Muslim Brotherhood.

The marchers echoed slogans such as “Down with Israel and with every collaborator” as well as “Gaza, excuse us — opening Rafah is not in our hands.” The latter made a reference to the Gaza-Egyptian border crossing that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s government is refusing to open.

In the Egyptian capital, Cairo, riot police sought to foil protests outside a number of mosques. At least 35 opposition activists were held as ministry of religious affairs had earlier warned imams against addressing the Gaza crisis.


Also, over 2,000 people took to the streets in Athens and Thessaloniki, setting fire to US and EU flags outside the US embassy and the Israeli flag outside the Israeli mission.


About 200 women, holding posters of dead and wounded Palestinian children, demonstrated outside the Egyptian embassy in Jakarta, and call on Egyptian government to open Rafah border with Gaza.


A group of Roman merchants urged a boycott of Jewish companies as a sign of protest at continuing carnage in Gaza.


[IMG] More than 2,000 demonstrators — wearing checkered Palestinian keffiyehs and carrying Palestinian and Jordanian flags – chanted “No Israeli embassy on Arab territory” and “Arab rulers are cowards in the capital Amman.”

The protestors had set off from Friday prayers at the Kaloti mosque towards Israeli embassy, nearly a kilometer (half a mile) away. Police however stopped the crowd. The marchers instead set up a symbolic cemetery with the word ‘Gazan’ written on each mock coffin.

Kashmir, India

Hundreds of Muslims staged a demonstration in the city of Srinagar in protest to Israel’s continued military offensive in the Gaza Strip. Protesters set fire to Israeli flags and chanted “Death to Israel” and “Long live Palestine”.


[IMG] Protesters in Kuwait burn an Israeli flag and hit it with shoes while shouting anti-Israel and anti-Hosni Mubarak (President of Egypt) slogans during a protest against Israel’s offensive in Gaza, in Kuwait City January 9, 2009. About 3,000 gathered outside Kuwaiti parliament and shouted ‘shame, shame against Arab inaction vis-Ã -vis Gaza.’


Islamic groups urged a boycott of US brands such as Coca-Cola and Malaysians working for Starbucks or McDonald’s were demanded to give up their jobs.


Around 1,000 pro-Palestinian protesters engaged in fight with a pro-Israeli demonstration in Oslo on Thursday. Six people sustained injuries and 31 were arrested in the incident.

Occupied Palestinian Territories

[IMG] A Palestinian youth uses a sling-shot to hurl a stone from behind a burning tire barricade during clashes with Israeli troops at a protest against Israel’s military operations in the Gaza Strip. In Khan Yunis , some 3,000 held a demo to show solidarity with Gazans. The demonstrators threw stones at Israeli soldiers who in return fired rubber bullets. Meanwhile, several thousand shouted “Death to Israel” in Nablus. In al-Quds, young Palestinians clashed with police.


[IMG] Muslim protestors shout slogans during a demonstration in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, January 9, 2009, against Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip. Hundreds of Somali demonstrators protested after Friday prayers in Mogadishu, and a number of other towns in Somalia, against the Israeli raids on Gaza Strip. People chanted slogans against Gaza bombing and called for an immediate halt to the bombing which has so far claimed many innocent children, women and the elderly.

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