Malegaon 06’ blast accused being coerced to turn approver

Malegaon 06’ blast accused being coerced to turn approver
Submitted by admin4 on 3 June 2009 – 11:12am.

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By Staff Correspondent,

Mumbai: Abrar Ahmed is one of the accused in the September 2006 Malegaon blast case. He turned approver but only to turn hostile later alleging he was being pressurized to give testimony against the rest eight Muslim accused in the case. Seemingly not ready to face the new turn in the case, Maharashtra Anti Terrorism Squad is reportedly pressurizing Abrar, and his family also, to again turn approver. Part of the tactic, some plain-clothed policemen yesterday brutally beat up his nephew who had gone to meet him in Byculla Central Jail.

Abrar turned hostile this April and through his brother Advocate Jaleel Ahmed filed an affidavit wherein he alleged that some officials were pressurizing him to give testimony against the accused in the case. In the affidavit he leveled serious charges against Rajwardhan, then Superintendent of Police (Nashik Rural), and few other police and Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) officials. He alleged that SP Rajvardhan was involved in hatching the conspiracy to implicate Muslim youths. Soon after the affidavit, the police allegedly started putting pressure on him and his family to turn him approver again.

On June 1 Advocate Jaleel’s son Aftab Ahmed had gone to meet his uncle Abrar lodged in Byculla Central Jail in Nagpada, Mumbai. He was not allowed to meet him, and when he came out of the jail compound, some plain-clothed ATS men pounced on him and brutally beat him, says Urdu Times daily.

Advocate Jaleel, who had prepared his brother Abrar’s affidavit, has been quoted by the daily as saying: Yesterday my son went to meet his uncle Abrar Ahmad. Not allowed to meet, Aftab went out of the jail compound to the Clear Road where some policemen in plain clothes asked him whether he was son of advocate Jaleel. When Aftab said, ‘yes’ they started beating him and dragged him into a van. However, Aftab managed to get rid of them.

Jaleel alleged that since the affidavit was filed the police have been troubling Abrar to make him withdraw the affidavit. To put Abrar under pressure the relatives also are being threatened. Jaleel added that the policemen while beating Aftab were saying, ‘You and your father are daring Rajwardhan (SP). We won’t spare you.’

He also said that his son was so brutally beaten that he is not in a position to face his viva voce scheduled on June 3.

On September 8, 2006 Malegaon was shattered with a series of blasts taking place at Bada Qabrastan and Mushawarat Chowk on the day of Shab-e-Barat after Friday prayers. The explosions that claimed 31 lives and injured more than 250 persons were allegedly attributed to some alleged SIMI outfit. The ATS arrested nine Muslim youths and imposed MCOCA on them.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is conducting probe in the case and it is delaying submission of its report, reportedly due to a petition pending in the Supreme Court challenging the MCOCA against the accused.
Why indian muslims killing muslims in bomb blast
Submitted by Pushkar (not verified) on 3 June 2009 – 12:52pm.

Looking at all blast across main cities like jaipur,mumbai,bangalore,delhi,surat,malegoan,karnavati all muslims youths were involved belonging to SIMI & IM. WHy muslims are killing muslims?? WHy they are killing innocent people in the name of allah?? can somebody from community denounce this & stop talibanisation of india

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Wake up Mr. Pushkar
Submitted by Moash (not verified) on 4 June 2009 – 2:40pm.

Mr. Pushkar, May be you are sleeping, or pretending to be so. May be you doesn’t read the news daily. Who issued fatwa condemning the terrorist activities from Deoband. In Delhi also Muslim Ulema issued fatwa against such activities, for what purpose the learned ones from the Muslim community assembled in Hyderabad at end of the last year? In which swamis from the Hindu community also participate. How often do we ask Hindus to condemn violence against Christians? Terrorists are terrorists. There are no Muslim terrorists, Hindu terrorists or Christian terrorists. This is a term that was coined by US, for their own reasons. Why IRA terrorists are not called Christian terrorists? What would you call LTTE terrorists? Why only Muslim leaders should be required to condemn perpetrators of violence. We as a society must realise two things. Number one…Please do not assign religion to terrorists…they are criminals and need to be treated as such. Secondly let us not jump to conclusions. If police takes years to arrest terrorists, how can we in seconds confirm that arrested individuals are terrorists? Emotional knee jerk reactions will not help in curbing criminal activities. It is too serious an issue to be treated so trivially.
Is it Indian Christians, Indian Muslims or the Hindus who are giving India bad publicity?
Hindutva Hindus who are enraged need only answer the question:
Is it Indian Christians, Indian Muslims or the Hindus who are giving India bad publicity?
Who burnt a Christian missionary and his son, both of who were serving the poorest Hindus? It was the Hindus.
Who attacked Christians and intimidated them in Dangs? Who mobilized kar sevak mobs when they feared losing the Gujarat elections?
Who organized a pogrom in which 2000 Muslims were killed, women were raped, and where a pregnant woman’s womb was cut and the foetus was speared with a trishul? It is always the Hindus in India who indulge in this barbarity and go scot free.
India can only become a major nation if the majority community has some qualities. Such actions put into doubt whether the Hindus are fit to lead India.
If you read, Pitts letter to Rice, it says that (1) Hindu extremists have persecuted Christians (2) conducted a pogrom against Muslims in which 2000 were killed and (3) propagated Nazism in schools through textbooks.
So who has disgraced India?
Which Indian Christian or Muslim is accused of such criminality?

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Dear Pushkar, its not yet
Submitted by Bal Thackeray (not verified) on 4 June 2009 – 10:19am.

Dear Pushkar, its not yet proved that Muslim youths were involved in those blast,but the new findings have found that Hindu terrorists were involved in all those blasts.Now you know why HINDU TERRORIST ARE KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE.AND PLEASE,CAN SOMEBODY FROM UR COMMUNITY,DENOUNCE THIS AND STOP TALIBANISATION OF INDIA.

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Pushkar Sharm se kaho ham Hindutva Hindu hain
Submitted by Anti Chaddhiwala (not verified) on 4 June 2009 – 7:12am.

Pushkar, most of your postings are incomprehensible ! Drunk on gomutra perhaps ?

The rest of the world eats your god, the cow, and is none the worse for it.

Pushkar, I do not hate Hindus, I have contempt for Hindutva Hindus.

It is evident that not all Hindus are reactionary.

I can see the difference between you and Hindutva Hindus for instance.

Hindutva Hindus have felt they can attack minorities. I can dish it out to them in return – and make them cry in public

Pushkar, name me the RSS leader who went to prison for India’s freedom.

Vajpayee was an RSS fellow and he was arrested during a demonstration where he was a spectator. He obtained his release by naming the freedom fighters, who were then caught and imprisoned.

Laloo made the quip in the Parliamentary debate after Vajpayee was sworn in “All the previous PMs of India went to prison for India’s freedom, but Vajpayee was the first PM to send Indians to prison for his own freedom !!!”

Godse was a m
ember of the RSS and he had to be hanged.

Savarkar of the HM escaped on a technicality. So what are you talking about Pushkar ?

The RSS has an inferiority complex about it, so they claim they were against Nehru, but they were with Gandhi and Bose !!!

Pushkar, I have never persecuted any Hindu, and the party I support has not done this either. I have not branded anyone untouchable, or prevented him from drawing water. I have not joined a mob to lynch any Hindus.

I observe Brahmins have persecuted Indians by labelling the majority as untouchable. The concept of equality is unknown to him. The Muslims and British brought the concept of equality.

So why don’t you start with the Brahmin ? He is responsible for India’s degradation.

Pushkar, I do love saffron jokers !

Read RSS pamphlets for the news and live in make-believe Hindu world !

After 60 years of independence, one has to conclude that the Hindus do not have what it takes to transform India. The Mughal empire was famous through out the world, and so was the British empire. Both the Mughals and the British left a lasting impact on India. The Hindus are too wracked with self-doubt, they wallow in self-pity and they are intrinscially divisive to lead India. The last comes from their caste system.

Observing all these Hindutva jokers here one can see in their hearts they also feel the same way. They are just venting their frustrations because in their hearts, they realise the inadequacies of the Hindus.

Can one conclude that due to the bad karma notched up by Advani and Modi, the BJP could not win ? It seems to be the obvious conclusion, but as usual you look for something devious.

Who is this famous journalist ? Is he a Brahmin astrologer ?

According to your joker, there is something wrong with India – all these blasts happining in the last few years for example ! Karkare found that ugly, saffron sadhvis and purohits were planting bombs and blaming others. So the Hindus came to realise the BJP was taking them for a ride. All the BJP wants is power, and for that they will not only massacre minorities, but they will have Hindus killed as well.

Pushkar, under Aurangazeb, the Mughal empire had the largest land mass of any that ruled India. At that time, the empire included what is today Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. By the time the British came, the empire had fragmented and was a collection of principalities. They reunited it, but Afganistan never became part of the empire. The Mughals always strove to unite India under central rule from Delhi – that is a concept that emanated from them. The British and Hindus inherited the concept from them. It is a fact that the advent of Hindu rule led to break-up. The Hindu mentality is intrinscially divisive and you are the proof.

The BJP Hindus are even worse. Their predecessors, the RSS and the Hindu Mahasabha, created an environment that made partition inevitable. India had a larger territorial mass under the Muslims and the British. India shrunk on the advent of Hindu rule. Is it not proof of your incompetence ? And if matters are left to the BJP, civil war and further break up would be inevitable.

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Pushkar, I think you have
Submitted by Ravi (not verified) on 4 June 2009 – 5:53am.


I think you have the wrong idea. Many muslim organisations have already denounced these attacks not only against muslims but against all indians.

The problem is that these attacks don’t invovle SIMI or IM but hindu taliban organisations like abhinav bharat, bajrang dal and RSS who want to start hindu-muslim riots and benefit from it.

Yes somebody from the community must denounce the HINDU TALIBANISATION of India. Its about time! So tell me are you denouncing these groups?!

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