3D Webcam for shooting 3D photos or 3D video

3D Webcam Images Video CaptureIts time you should move from your low quality 2D 
webcam to these 3D webcam which are the first of their kind called a ‘Minoru’ which is a japanese word meaning ‘Reality’ as it brings real things captured and you can even upload these 3D videos to your youtube account and share with your friends.

Not only the features but the looks are also fascinating because they are not like those other dumb looking camera’s but look like a robot or may be are inspired Wall-E robots from the Pixar movie which came recently.

3D WebcamWall e Robot

Another features of this 3D Webcam include :

3D Glasses Web CamThe webcam user has to use 3D glasses to view the video in order to 
experiance the 3D effects, the same way as the viewers have to watch movies in theatures with 3D glasses while watching a 3D movie.
This Webcam is compatible with instant messengers like AIM, Windows Live Messenger & Skype using which you can stay connected with others and share the webcam and broadcast yourself live.
The output videos would be in youtube compatible format making sure that you can directly upload the captured videos easily.
The price of these webcam’s are expected to be around 100$ lets wait and watch when they are officially launched and we can see something which is almost near to human eyes vision.

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