Israel Alarmed over Show Portraying Soldiers Shooting Children

Israel Alerted over Show Portraying Soldiers Shooting Children

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soldiers shoot at Palestinian children: a scene that takes place in a
daily basis. Yet, a TV show portraying such scene is enough to make the
Zionist entity be put on alert…
According to the Israeli
media, Naor Gilon, deputy head of the Europe Department in the Israeli
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “reprimanded” the acting Turkish
ambassador to Israel over a TV program portraying Israeli soldiers
shooting at Palestinian children.
“We cannot stand by as
blatant incitement against Israel and its soldiers is being aired which
could lead to physical harm to Jews and Israelis,” Gilon told Jailan
Ozen during their meeting Thursday.
“The use of stereotypes
by a TV show that is viewed by children and adults alike must concern
anyone who strives for peace and coexistence among nations and
religions in the region and all over the world,” Gilon claimed.
“The soldiers who are depicted as bloodthirsty killers are the same
ones who rushed to the aid of the Turkish people in the wake of the
devastating earthquake in 1999,” he told the Turkish envoy.
The series is broadcast on the state-run TRT1 channel.
The producer of the fictional TV series “Ayrilik”, which shows Israeli
soldiers shooting innocent Palestinian children, said Thursday that he
has nothing against Israel.
On Wednesday, Israeli Foreign
Minister Avigdor Lieberman summoned the acting Turkish ambassador to
Israel to a meeting with high-ranking ministry officials. “Broadcasting
this series is a serious case of state-sponsored incitement. Such a
series, which doesn’t even have a weak connection to reality, and
which presents the Israeli soldiers as murderers of innocent children,
is unworthy of being broadcast in enemy states, let alone in a country
which had full diplomatic relations with Israel.”
Previously ties between Israel and Turkey have deteriorated somewhat
since Israel’s offensive in the Palestinian Gaza strip. Turkey barred
Israel from participating in a NATO war exercise this week and Prime
Minister Tayyip Erdogan said the move was a result of public concerns
over the Gaza war.

Source: AJP

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