Urban Forest

If you are tired of looking at rigid building designs, this post is surely going to blow you away!

Designing is an art and one rarely envisions such path breaking ideas. This building, modeled by MAD architects will be located in Chonquing, China. Connected by a core cylindrical structure, each floor has been placed a little off the centre, giving the building a unique feel. Abstract floors with full length glass windows make the building look surreal and the balcony gardens only add to its beauty.

The floors are designed to create an illusion of each floating upon another. The model is such that it brings together nature and the urban metropolis thereby creating a masterpiece that would please all!

Take a look.

urban forest - from far away

urban forest - image

urban forest - in the day

urban forest building

urban forest building amongst others

urban forest - similarities

urban forest - building magnificance

urban forest - images from the floors

urban forest - partially

urban forest - inside

urban forest- levels of the building

urban forest- partial view

These were the two proposals for the building before the design above was finalized.

urban forest proposal 1

urban forest proposal 2

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