Historic Water Pump in Al Fayoum City

Water Pump in Al Fayoum City

This picture is of a water centrifugal pump (water Wheel) in Al-Fayoum City 120 KM away from Cairo, Capital of Egypt. This circular water pump elevates water from a depth of 10 meters. It is said to be constructed by design and supervision of Prophet Yousuf (Alihi Ssalam) almost 3500 years ago. There are three such pumps seemingly made of wood still intact!


The wonder is that no electricity or external power source is used in this machine! This is a great achievement considering the age at which it was constructed. Also it indicates that old civilizations were much more technically advanced than we common people in this modern era presume.


The water so elevated is used for irrigation. It is known that this whole city was constructed during era of Prophet Yousuf (Alihi Ssalam) in 1000 days. The name Alf-Youm in Arabic means 1000 days and so is the city named.


This picture was taken during our recent trip to Egypt. Sorry for the “clarity” of the picture as we reached Al-Fayoum late in a cold night after a long day visit in many historical places and monuments in Egypt.


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