Modi Govt ad on ‘Muslims shining in Gujarat’ has picture from Azamgarh

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

New Delhi: Yes, it is fact. Patna dailies today carried one-page
Gujarat Government ad on ‘prosperity’ and ‘good living’ of Muslims in
the land of Narendra Modi. But the photo that the ad carries to prove
the point has just been lifted from Internet. The photo of Muslim girls
learning computer is not from Gujarat, rather Azamgarh.

The full one-page ad that has published in various dailies here
today, one day before Modi reaches Patna to attend the two-day BJP
National Executive meet, has four pictures: one in which Modi shaking
hands with skull-capped Muslims, another showing young Muslim girls in
Hijab learning computer, another one showing Muslim children learning in
a madrasa and one big photo of the ‘iron man.’ As evidence of Muslims’
progress in Gujarat, the ad carries these pictures wherein Muslim girls
and children are shown learning. As the ad is about Muslims’ progress in
Gujarat one can expect the pictures are also from the state. But here
is the big lie.

Gujarat govt. ad published in Patna dailies on 10 June 2010

The picture of young Muslim girls learning computer is not from
Gujarat. Neither the girls are Gujarati, nor was the picture shot in
Gujarat. In fact, it is a picture of Azamgarh National Shibli College
girls attending a computer class in the college campus. The picture was
shot by this correspondent of during his visit to
Azamgarh in November 2008. The picture was used in the November 24, 2008
TCN story titled “Muslim girls in Azamgarh getting higher education, giving tough fight to boys

The title of the ad is: Muslims in Gujarat enjoy better education,
employment opportunities, financial stability, health facilities,
infrastructure. It says Muslims in the land of Modi are prosperous and
enjoying better life. But this one lie could be enough to expose the
lies of Gujarat Government about prosperity of Muslims in the state.

The ad has published in various dailies including Roznama Rashtriya
Sahara and Pindar (Urdu), Hindustan (Hindi), Times of India and
Hindustan Times (English). Here is another interesting point – a proof
of disrespect towards Urdu language that is second official language in
Bihar. While English dailies have carried the ad in English language and
Hindi in Hindi language but Urdu dailies were not given Urdu version of
the ad. Rather they were given the Hindi version of the ad which they
‘promptly’ carried.

This TCN photo was published in our story on 24 Nov. 2008

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