Top 3 Everyday Food Ingredients That Make You Fat

3 Everyday Food Ingredients That Make You Fat

a lot of ingredients in your food whose name you can’t even pronounce.
Those chemicals, disguised as food in your nutrition label are the
tricky uns worth thinking about – most calorie-loaded loads are always
rich in chemical additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients.

However, there’s also the simpler everyday villains in your pantry.

IQSoft tells you about the simple things in your food that will make you fat.

1-Monosodium Glutamate

Known as MSG, or Ajinomoto (the name of the company that produces it),
Monosodium Glutamate is described as the “essence of taste”. And if your
potato chips are flavored,
they contain MSG. MSG tells your brain that the food you are eating is
tasty by exciting your brain cells. It also enters your brain that is
known to correlate to obesity and other disorders (including short
height and sexual issues)

Which in turn will makes you fat.

Secondly, it may also increase your pancreatic insulin, another reason behind obesity.

Directly injecting MSG into rats has increased their appetite and induce obesity.

What contains MSG: Maggi Noodles, along with a lot of other packaged
noodles. MSG awareness is the reason behind the “MSG-free” you might see
on new “Health soups”It’s also in your chips, your salad dressing, It
goes by names like Accent, ‘Aginomoto, ‘Natural Meat Tenderiser,
Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, and is in ALL your fast food (especially
McDonalds and KFC)


Sugar, especially of the
refined variety is not good for you. It’s carbs which you may not burn,
and it also spikes your appetite. On nutrition labels, it might be named
as flour, corn syrup, dextrose,Carob powder, Dextrose, Fructose, Fruit
juice concentrate, Maltose.

“Most people probably have no idea
how much sugar they’re taking in,” said Jo Ann Hattner, a San Francisco
registered dietitian who teaches nutrition courses at Stanford
University School of Medicine.

Sugar, by itself isn’t bad. It’s too much of it – more than 12
teaspoons a day. With your nutrition label in front of you, remember
that 4 gram = 1 teaspoonful of sugar. This should include your daily
consumption of juice, chocolate, lemonade, biscuits, and even your ketchup (yes!). Incidentally, if you eat ketchup everyday, you might be eating close to 200 grams of sugar every week.

3-Sugar Substitutes

If sugar is bad for you, surely an alternative to sugar won’t be? Right?


Aspartame, responsible for “over 75% of adverse reactions reported to
the US Food And Drug Administration…” is present in anything that begins
with ‘Diet’ or substitutes sugar, including Diet Pepsi, Diet Coke, Nutrasweet, Equal, Chewing gum, breath mints

Aspartame causes carbohydrate cravings – specifically cravings for the sugar content.

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