Top 5 Tricks to fool yourself into not Smoking

Trick yourself into not Smoking

Just like nicotine snuck into your system, you have to use the same wily ways to trick it out of your life.

There’s a lot of easy ways of doing this. Get your notepad (or notepad app) ready.

Don’t Buy a Pack

if you buy a packet of chips,
you’ll want to eat most of it (if not all). While it’s not
chip-addiction we’re cracking down on, the formula is the same. If you
buy one cigarette , you’ll channelize your laziness (into buying another
one) to actually reduce your time between cigarettes.

Smoke only Half a Cigarette Each Time

I don’t have to explain the 50% off on your health.

Remove the ashtrays

The tradition of easing into your comfy chair with a cigarette and a
ashtray- nix it. Throw away your lighters too. Make smoking a chore, an
annoying bodily necessity.

Enlist Fellow Quitters

Peer pressure got you into smoking, now use the same devilish social
conditioning to have the pressure of your fellow man’s expectations of
you. You can pool in your anti-smoking resources and motivate each


It’s a simple chemical reaction. Smoking => Nicotine => Dopamine in your brain => Happiness. If you’re already feeling good after enjoyable exercise (it can even be jumping with your kids, as long as you love it)

Change your Brand

You’re overriding the love you have of a specific blend of tobacco with something your throat will chemically dislike.

Smoke Alone

If smoking was bonding time
with fellow addicts, smoking alone will force you to have less of a
reason. On a deeper level, it will show it’s reality as an addiction.

Write down each Cigarette Smoked

motivates a lot of clicks of the lighter. Write down the things that
made you want to light up in the first place. Start addressing those.

Smoke Free Zones

Libraries, cultural centers and cinema halls are all places where
smoking is banned. Hang out at such smoke-free zones – the entertainment
options will distract you from smoking.

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