12V DC to 120/230V AC Inverter circuit with IC 555

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This is a DC-to-AC inverter circuit diagram
which produces an AC output at line frequency and voltage. The 555 is
configured as a low-frequency oscillator, tunable over the frequency
range of 50 to 60 Hz by Frequency potentiometer R4.

12V DC to 120/230V AC Inverter circuit with IC 555 diagram

Parts List:
R1_________ 10K
R2_________ 100K
R3_________ 100 ohm
R4_________ 50K potmeter, Linear
C1,C2______ 0.1uF
C3_________ 0.01uF
C4_________ 2700uF
Q1_________ TIP41A, NPN, or equivalent
Q2_________ TIP42A, PNP, or equivalent
L1_________ 1uH
T1_________ Filament transformer, your choice

555 feeds its output (amplified by Q1 and Q2) to the input of
transformer T1, a reverse-connected filament transformer with the
necessary step-up turns ratio. Capacitor C4 and coil L1 filter the input to T1, assuring that it is effectively a sine wave. Adjust the value of T1 to your voltage.

The output (in watts) is up to you by selecting different components.

Input voltage is anywhere from +5V to +15Volt DC, adjust the 2700uF cap’s working voltage accordingly.

types for Q1 are: TIP41B, TIP41C, NTE196, ECG196, etc. Replacement
types for Q2 are: TIP42B, TIP42C, NTE197, ECG197, etc. Don’t be afraid
to use another type of similar specs, it’s only a transistor… 😉

Use proper transformer. If you load electronic device which require 120V AC, then use transformer with 120V in output.

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  1. EKINU

    i hav built the circuit, what changes do i need to make for 800va transformer.

  2. John

    if i want the output to be 17vac. what are the thing that need to change?

  3. Dear Sir,

    can you please tell me for 500w output what will be the ratings of various components specially transformer current ratings, capacitor c4, inductor L1?

  4. abhi

    can you please provide me the design for this inverter ckt?

  5. balaji

    sir can you pls tell me more details about the transformer used.is it a step up transformer 12/230v???