Navy SEALS taking target practice at hijabi Muslim women

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Navy SEALS taking target practice at hijabi Muslim women

Jun 29, 2012
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Here is a very curious story from a paper in Virginia Beach:

The story talks about the difficult conditions under which the Navy
special warfare community (Navy SEALs) have to train, including
simulated conditions in which they go through rooms that are designed to
resemble “a mosque, bank, post office, market and residential compound.
In one section, nine chairs painted in primary hues sit behind desks in
an elementary school classroom.”

The story doesn’t mention it, but something caught my eye:  the image
that they are using for target practice is unmistakably that of a Muslim
woman wearing hijab, with what looks like Qur’anic inscriptions behind
her on the wall.

These houses are called “kill houses.”

The person who designed these so-called “kill houses” touts their high
technology:  Larry Pacifico, “who manages the complex, said instructors
will control each scenario using an iPad to adjust the lighting and
movement of the targets. Cameras will record the action, so SEALs will
find out where the bullets they fired came to rest, he said, down to
specific bones and organs.”

Apparently the Navy has enough concern about technology to want to know
which bones and which organs the Navy SEALs would be hitting, but not
enough concern to know that they are taking target practice shooting at
Muslim women.

Yeah, we are not at war with Islam, they keep telling us.

We just train our most skilled soldiers to kill Muslim women.

God have mercy on us.

It’s not so much that this looks bad.

This is bad.    It’s rotten to the core.

Can the folks in charge at the NAVY not see how this contributes to the
dehumanizing of Muslims, not just Muslim women, not just Muslim
civilians, but all Muslims?

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