Simple FM radio Transmitter circuit- Use your mobile phone’s FM radio as receiver !!!

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FM Transmitter

by ADMIN on JANUARY 25, 2011

Image of FM Transmitter

Circuit Diagram of FM Transmitter
The circuit uses only single Transistor but good voice quality. This Circuit is very simple and uses few components. Main part of the circuit is RC ( Resistance Capacitor )circuit to produce RF at required Frequency band.

At FM receiver side Radio waves(oscillating magnetic lines) produces current in Arial. Which is further amplified, Demodulated and feed to a Speaker.

Part List 
Capacitor :
10 Mfd, .01 Mfd, .001Mfd, 2.2pf, 4pf, 5pf, 27pf, 68pf
Resistance :
3.3K, 2.7K, 3.9K, 220 Ohms
Mic = Condenser Mic
3V battery with Container, Switch

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