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Bangalore: The driverless cars, flying internet balloons and Google Glass may make you feel that you are a step closer to science fiction;


where world of technology is filled with limitless possibilities. But there are other lesser known technologies that can give you the same feel.


Imagine a micro robot traversing your blood stream killing cancerous cells, a nanofiber maze that can filter sea water for drinking purpose,


the technology where data can be stored in your DNA— feeling as if you are in a wormhole to future? But they are happening right now.


Read on to know 9 mind-blowing technologies that you didn’t know 


#9 A brain-to-brain interface for communication and control


Imagine a nuero-sensitive headset that can be used to communicate with each other.


What if it does something more than communication, like controlling one’s motor muscles!!.


A team at Harvard has built just this, and it even works for animals.


There’s lots of speculation that it could one day enable some sort of communication


with animals as well.


And probably help the paraplegic to dance !!!



#8 A substance called d-methionine can prevent noise-induced hearing loss


Pharmacologists have identified a comical called d-methionine which can prevent noise-induced


hearing loss which is common in urban construction workers. 


So, soon there will be pills to protect your ears from the acoustic torment of a jackhammer.




#7 Graphene supercapacitors could lead to the electric car of your dreams


The next big thing in automobiles is electric vehicles.  Imagine an electric car that could give


you a couple of hundred miles, then gets fully charged in one minute.


Graphene super capacitors are what will make this possible.


A supercapacitor can hold as much power as a battery, but they charge far more quickly.


As graphene is no longer cost-prohibitive to manufacture at large scale,


grapheme super capacitors could easily end up in our phones, laptops,


and basically anything that runs on a battery.


#6  Femto photography will let you take pictures of objects around the corner from you


Imagine a camera that can capture images at a slow motion of each frame for just two trillionths of a second.


In a recent TED Talk, femto photography specialist demonstrated that this imaging method is so effective


it can even record photons in motion.


You can also apply femto photography tips to shoot a picture of something around the corner from you.




#5 Solar cell paint can turn all kinds of things into a power source


The world has turned into a black hole for energy. From cell phones to fluorescent lamps


everything runs on energy.


Notre Dame Researchers have developed paint that turns a surface into a solar cell;


a step towards the dream of infinite energy.


It’s not totally figured out yet, but a breakthrough may happen anytime soon.





#4 Memristors will drastically change the world of electrical engineering


Sure the transistors, replacing big vacuum tubes, made the sleek gadgets what we hold in our hands possible.


Imagine what a new technology called memristors, a new electric circuit component that takes its name


from “memory” and “resistor,” can do to the gadgets. Hewlett-Packard is already doing big work in this space.


HP Labs Fellow R. Stanley Williams said, “The memristor holds its memory longer. It’s simpler.


It’s easier to make — which means it’s cheaper — and it can be switched a lot faster, with less energy.”



#3 Nanofiber salt filters could be used to harvest ocean water for drinking


Though 71 percent of earth is water, 97.5 percent is contained within the oceans,


just  the remaining 2.5 percent is freshwater. Which means the world is most desperate for clean drinking water.


The new technology called  Nanofiber, is a fibrous material that’s incredibly thin, and can function


very effectively as a salt filter since individual crystals of salt are too big to pass through the holes in


the nanofiber, turning salty water to drinking.





#2 A cancer-killing computer chip could live in a patient’s bloodstream


It’s a “microfluidic” chip, covered in long strands of DNA. The DNA is sort of programmed to


detect and pick the cancerous cells, which can be used to study first, and later to launch an attack on these cells.  








#1 You can store data in DNA

Gautim Naik writes in the Wall Street Journal about the eclectic bits of data scientists have already stored on DNA strands.


The scientists encoded in DNA an audio clip of Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech, a photograph,


a copy of Francis Crick and James Watson’s famous “double helix” scientific paper on DNA from 1953


and Shakespeare’s 154 sonnets. They later were able to retrieve them with 99.99 percent accuracy.


So forget silicon ships, the next revolution of data storage can come from bio chips.







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