Israeli Police Caught On Video Hosing ‘Skunk Spray’ on Palestinian Elementary Schools and Protesters

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Israeli police in Jerusalem have been caught on video recently spraying East Jerusalem Palestinian neighborhoods with a concoction they call “skunk spray”. The liquid is a mixture of sewage and rotting animal roadkill.

The result of the police hosing down neighborhoods, elementary schools and protesters with the mix is a putrid smell that seems almost impossible to get off or be around without inducing nausea. As a result, thousands of East Jerusalem children have been forced to stay home from school.


In the neighborhood of At-Tur (The Mount of Olives), police hosed down local elementary schools at 5:30 p.m., according to Khader Abu Sabitan, a member of the parents’ committee. He told 972mag that he “was on the road and saw them pass with their machine, and saw how they began shooting water at the school. I’m telling you – there was nothing there. It is Friday at 5:30 in the evening, and there was no one in the school or on the streets. Nothing. Everyone was home. They went to all four schools in the neighborhood, shot the water, and left.”


A similar video was taken in the neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber:



The putrid mix has also been used to disperse protesters in areas like Kafr Kanna, where activists took to the street to speak out agains the Israeli police shooting an killing a man from their village.

While the world mourns the tragic deaths of Israeli worshippers in Jerusalem from the recent axe attack terrorism anecdote, the mainstream media seems unwilling to look at the systematic acts of oppression from the State of Israel, which punish entire populations – especially children – on a policy level.

When a criminal or terrorist act is committed, it is to be denounced. But when acts of terrorism and intimidation are carried out by the police with the backing of the coercive force of State power, it seems odd that so little is being said about it.

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