Killer of Gandhi, Killer of Country

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‘Gandhi ke Qatil, Desh ke Qatil’: Social Democratic Party of India to take pledge on January 30

By TCN News,

January 28: Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has announced protest demonstration and taking of a pledge at Jantar Mantar on January 30 to “defeat fascism and flourish secularism.”

Terming ‘January 30, 1948’ as a day when “the first terror activity in independent India” took place, the SDPI said: “By assassinating Mahatma Gandhi, the killer Nathuram Godse and his associates fired not only on the chest of Mahatma, but of the very chest of the nation itself. It was an act aimed at disturbing peace and tranquility and spearheading violence and destruction.”


‘Gandhi ke Qatil, Desh ke Qatil’: Social Democratic Party of India to take pledge on January 30

“The peace and harmony loving citizens of India should come forward and stand united to save the country from the clutches of Godse’s disciples, by upholding Gandhi’s ideals and values,” SDPI said in a release after a press conference.

Hafiz Manzoor, national vice president, and Afsar Pasha, national general secretary, SDPI, addressed the press conference.

“Godse and who prompted him for that heinous murder, did not like the unity among Hindus and Muslims to exist. These fascist groups with violent and fanatic designs never hesitated to embrace any kind of extremism and bloodshed. By killing Gandhi, Nathuram Godse and those forces that stood behind him have started the bloody phase of communal fascism in independent India.”

The party also called it shameful that while patriotic Indians remember the name of Gandhi with reverence on the day of his martyrdom every year, “there are fringe elements who adorn Godse as a national hero. Hindutva extreme groups like Hindu Maha Sabha are glorifying Godse with much more vigour. They are trying to erect his statues in public places and planning to build Mandirs in his name.”

Calling upon all citizens to take a pledge to defeat “fascism and flourish secularism,” the party has requested and invited people to protest at Jantar Mantar here on Friday, January 30.

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