Mohamed Iqbal Pallipurath is a

  1. Web Designer and
  2. Software Consultant.

Currently slaving as faculty at TKM College of Engineering, Kollam.

A fundamentalist Muslim but not an extremist.

Pro Palestine but not anti any Country.

He has improved the quality of

  • IIT Delhi and
  • IIT Kharagpur

just by studying at those places for

  • M. Tech. (Thermal Engineering) and
  • PhD (Cryogenic Engineering).

A chronic procrastinator. Now under throes of creating his Thecal Matter.

Visit Website for more.

Where I grew up
Places I’ve lived
Calicut; Kollam; Delhi; Kharagpur; Edappal; Al Jubail; Qatar; Kuwait; Mecca; Madina; Riyadh
Companies I’ve worked for
Anjuman Engineering College Bhatkal India; TKM College of Engineering Kollam India; Saudi Oger Jubail KSA; IQSoft
Schools I’ve attended
Central School Calicut; Farook College Feroke; TKM College of Engineering Kollam; IIT Delhi; IIT Kharagpur
Other names
Something I still can’t find on Google
My superpower
Amateur Astronomy, Judo, TT
My places
Map of all locations where the profile owner has lived

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  1. Faridah Habib

    I wanna to know more about yourself. May I?

  2. Faridah Habib

    I’m from Malaysia. Quite expansive to call u. Nway, i’m looking for my late grandfather family roots in India. Perhaps that u can help me.