What is Fanbox?

In short, Fanbox is an elaborate SCAM designed to defraud people by selling them a 6-figure income from home dream. It’s also known for generating epidemic proportions of spam, compromising personal & financial details of victims, and tricking unsuspecting people into paying a service fee for an unsolicited, deceptive line of credit.

Here’s how it works:

    • First, users are baited by fake income reports of existing members who have allegedly generated hundreds of thousands of dollars just by performing activities like: sharing multimedia content already available on the internet, and often selling pirated eBooks and software to each other.
      • How and why should these activities generate money, in the first place, is kept a top secret. So, upon joining the site, users find themselves toiling day and night just trying to figure out the right way of doing those activities instead of actually making money doing them!
        • Then, there comes the Fanbox Kool-Aid which constantly conditions users to believe that Fanbox is working towards a great cause of uplifting humanity and that the cutting-edge Fanbox technologies will reward everyone – sooner or later.
        • Finally, frustrated users are presented with a plethora of paid features/services that promise to bring the buyer’s account under some special algorithms and quickly enable them to make top dollars – which, of course, is as deceptive as it sounds.

        It’s remarkable that Fanbox derives its income solely from its paying members, yet at the same time promises to pay back each one of them (or to let them ‘earn’) an amount larger than they’ll ever spend on the company’s deceptive paid services. Not just that, non-paying members and even non-members as well are promised an ever increasing sum of money, if they do things the right way. Now, that’s as ridiculous as it can get. What’s even more ridiculous is that the users are led to believe that Fanbox has developed some cutting-edge, highly propriety technologies that are serving to fulfill its mathematically impossible promise.

        In reality, this is how Fanbox manages it all and comes out with profits: A small percentage of users — who serve as a bait — are actually paid while the larger percentage have either lost their money to Fanbox, or have been put in convoluted loops waiting for years to cash out their supposed earnings, or are just trying to figure out how to do things the right way since a long time.

        Another interesting thing to take note of is Fanbox’s Terms of Service Agreement to which new users have to agree in order to be able to use the site and generate earnings. Here’s an excerpt:

        WARNING: Please use FanBox for entertainment purposes only. In particular, your use of FanBox may never materialize or result in any direct or implied benefit. Any content, Earnings, time, payments, and relationships associated with your use of FanBox may be subject to modification or termination.

        Now, what’s that supposed to mean? It simply means you cannot sue Fanbox for any kind of monetary loss. But what you can certainly do is to report your loss toauthorities in your country.


        Want to know more about Fanbox or need help with getting out of the trap? Head to the FAQ page or ask in the comments section.

        Upcoming Post: History of Fanbox and the people behind this scam.


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