Muslim clerics support save Ganga campaign


LUCKNOW: Muslim clerics and scholars in Lucknow have offered their full support to save river ganga campaign. The assurance was given at a meeting of Hindu seers with Muslim leaders. Another meeting will be called soon to draft joint working plan and visit the areas on the banks of the river to create public awareness. Convenor of Ganga Mukti Sangram Acharya Pramod Krishnan told reporters that he has got assurance from various Muslim leaders of their full support in save ganga campaign. He said that various projects to make river ganga pollution-free have failed because of rampant corruption in government machinery.

He said involvement of common people of the country and their pressure on the government can save the river and the support of Muslims in this task is equally important. Pledging support in save ganga campaign, member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board Maulana Khalid Rashid Firangimahli said that Ganga is a national river. Both and Muslims live on its banks and earn livelihood, hence it is the duty of all to protect and save it, he added. He also appealed Muslims to support and contribute in campaign. He demanded the central government to create a new ministry for conservation of rivers.

Describing the drive to clean the river as a holy campaign, Maulana Saeedur Rehman, principal of Centre of Islamic Studies, said that ganga is associated with the faith of Hindus but it is not any less important for Muslims. He said that he would do whatever was required to save ganga. 

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