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Salat calculates the prayer times for your location.

If your city is not in the database (unlikely, since it has 36,000 cities in it), just feed it the latitude and longitude of your place (Get that from Google Earth) and it will calculate the times of Namaz.

Options for calculating according to Hanafi and Shafe'ee schools of Jurisprudence.

Other options include Height of your location (which changes the salat timing...)

Now don't miss a prayer even if you are on the tip of Everest :)

You can also customize your Fajr and Isha timings with a customized twilight angle...depending on the traditions at your place.

Prepare customized printouts for the entire year...

All this with a Jazzy interface and Adans from Medina, Mecca and more...

If you like this free software, make dua for me (Mohamed Iqbal pallipurath). If you want to do something more click, on donate.

Technical Description of Calculating Prayer Times (Thanks to Dr. Monzur Ahmed) Logo

  • Salat Timings,
  • Qibla and
  • Moon Phase for anywhere on earth and elsewhere.
  • Everything is Customizable -
    • Adan,
    • Alarm,
    • Clock,
    • Transparency,
    • Location,
    • School of Jurisprudence,
    • Twilight angles for Fajr and Isha,
    • Sounds and
    • startup mode.
  • Create reports for a month or year for anywhere on earth. Lunar Phase, Hijri Date, Moon's distance from earth, ecliptic latitude and longitude, Zodiac and age are calculated accurately.
  • Create your own location by supplying latitude and longitude.
  • Feature rich and easy to use.
  • Created by Mohamed Iqbal Pallipurath, Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering, TKM College of Engineering, Kollam, Kerala, India.